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Darker Gods: In The Garden of Low Hanging Heavens

  • 6300 Northwest 2nd Avenue Miami, FL, 33150 United States (map)

Acclaimed post-disciplinary artist Damon Davis will make his debut during Miami’s Art Basel with his exhibition, Darker Gods in The Garden of The Low Hanging Heavens. In his latest afro-surrealism project, Davis calls attention to western fears and infatuations of Blackness by creating a world where the Gods are deities of color reclaiming their identity through the supernatural.

In Darker Gods, Davis explores the function of narrative and its effects on identity and belief systems in communities of color. Using sound, photography, film, illustration and written word, Davis creates modern myths and fables to tell the story of 13 deities whose superhuman characteristics come from negative tropes and cultural ideas of Blackness.

As an artist, photographer, filmmaker, music producer and writer, Davis merges his passions in Darker Gods to create an immersive multi-sensory experience. Fantastical imagery graces the gallery walls and written folklore explains the origins of the gods, while a familiar, yet other-worldly soundtrack plays in the background.